Being the newbie
15 April 2020
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Being the new kid on the block doesn't end at school or at university. It continues into our adult life when we accept a new job at a new company. It entails new rules, new personalities and a whole new start. It can be quite a juggling act - not only do you have a brand-new job to perform, but you need to find your place amongst your peers while also making a positive impact on your superiors.

Having been employed at my previous agency in Cape Town for 4 years, taking on a new job in a new city was pretty scary for me. It was also intimidating breaking into an already established group with formed ways of working. But now, after just 2 months at Xfacta, I can share a few useful do's and don'ts.

Let's start with the do's:

  • Be a positive influence - a positive mind and attitude will result in a positive working environment. Your energy is infectious, and others will feed off it.

  • Ask a lot of relevant questions. Always try and answer yourself first. No-one needs to be bugged with thoughtless questions.

  • Keep an organised desk. A messy desk portrays a cluttered, disorganised mind.

  • Make an effort to get involved in conversations with your colleagues over lunch. Build that bond!

  • Company traditions are extremely important. Appreciate them and integrate yourself wherever possible.

  • Contribute wherever you can. You want to be an asset to the company.

  • Always give 110 percent. Or better still, 150 percent.

Then there are the don'ts:

  • Challenges can be scary but don't put them off, tackle them head on and learn from your mistakes. It's important to make mistakes (but not too many) in order to grow.

  • Never get comfortable and never settle for less than your best. Make sure you continually go the extra mile.

  • Never say no. Be a yes man! In our industry no means can't, and we all know there is no such word.

  • Take everything as a learning experience, and don't complain.

  • Comparing your new role to your previous role is a bad idea. Every company, every role, offers something different. Your past is your past. Now it's time to focus on the future.

Remember, it always takes a while to settle into a new environment with new people. Finding your feet and learning to adjust can be frustrating, so be patient with yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day.

By Lori Cape
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