In search of passion
13 November 2018
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While preparing a presentation for a recent agency showcase, I found myself reflecting on my own student years and a similar presentation. I can see myself sitting in the auditorium, an over- confident, know-it-all. I recall the Creative Director of a respected design studio at the time taking us through a portfolio of work that really excited me and confirmed that I had made the right choice - this was the industry for me. Although I had known for a while that this was where I wanted to be, having a real, South African success story standing in front of me made it that much more attainable.

Studio showcases are excellent opportunities for agencies to present their work and at the same time attract eager, talented designers. But what is talent without the one thing that drives an individual to achieve - what is talent without passion?

Passion is everything. It transforms a job into a vocation, guides choices, helps one overcome hurdles. Passion drives skills development, fosters a 'can do', positive attitude. It is a highly infectious quality that has the ability to inspire, energise and motivate - and best of all, it leads to success.

Pursuing a career that you aren't passionate about is likely to result in resentment, boredom, and going through the motions to get through each day. And it will inevitably show in the quality of work you produce. If you are really excited about the design industry, you'll be motivated and inspired to push yourself in your discipline, try new ways of doing things and keep challenging yourself.

Heston Blumenthal, Thomas Heatherwick and Jason Little are great creatives in their respective fields. Never complacent, they constantly challenge themselves - and in doing so, reveal the possibilities of their craft while inspiring others.

I hope that the new batches of eager, employment-seeking, millennial designers sitting in auditoriums and lecture halls today, are ready and willing to embrace an intense passion for their craft - and are fully prepared to put in the hard work, earn their stripes and find the motivation to succeed in an incredibly saturated market.

By Shaun Botes
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