King Price: Making a noise
19 February 2016
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Whether it is advertising in online games, giraffes licking plates, or their most recent trumpeting billboard, King Price continues to challenge the norm with its disruptive and unconventional creative approach.

The trumpeting billboard, located outside the Financial Services Board (FSB) offices, proudly announces the brands commitment to the highest level of customer service with a royal trumpet sequence every hour from 8am to 5pm during the work week.

"The trumpeting billboard leverages King Price's regal flair and urges consumers to make a noise about their inflated insurance premiums", says Natalie Bisset, Marketing Queen at King Price.

Xfacta, the agency behind the concept, explain that the billboard presented a great opportunity to celebrate King Price's commitment to their loyal customers, and at the same time remind the South African public of the brand's strong position on decreasing premiums.

All in all, it's a little "cheeky" message that makes effective use of location and advertising medium.
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