My take on Xfacta's '5 Cs' values
01 April 2019
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Be creative, curious, conscious and confident and always celebrate culture.

Get curious. Explore more, ask questions and wander down paths that make you feel uncomfortable. To get somewhere new, you need to go somewhere you've never gone before. Wandering off-track is never time wasted; you never know what new things you may learn along the way... and you could even stumble upon something cooler than what you were originally looking for! Curiosity enables creativity. And if creativity enables innovation, then curiosity is necessary for the progress we aim to contribute.

Stay conscious. Designers and creatives shape the world - and are responsible for the world they shape. You need to have a deeper understanding of the 'problem' at hand in order to avoid as many (although unintended) consequences as possible. Take the iceberg theory; if you design based only on what you see at a surface level, you've already set yourself up for failure, because you haven't considered what may be lying beneath the surface. Do your research. Don't design for the sake of it - have a purpose - always be aware of the full picture and consider how you can add value somewhere.

Be confident. If you aren't confident about your work, then how do you expect anyone else to be? Don't be that person who dreams of being a great designer but doesn't believe that they have what it takes to be truly creative, avoids generating original ideas and remains uncreative. An essential part of creativity is then to 'fake it 'till you make it'. Belief is a crucial part of being receptive to the insights and inspiration that propel creativity. You need confidence to be truly creative.

Creativity - a vastly misunderstood concept. Being a creative does not confine you to a certain profession. There are no rules or formulas here - anyone can be creative. Take risks, ignore doubts and face your fears. Break rules and routines for the sake of it and learn from your mistakes. Just do something different, get new perspectives and share your opinions!

Celebrate culture. As creatives, (and more specifically, creatives in South Africa) we must embrace diversity and inclusion because our professional growth depends on it. The quality and richness of ideas that can be generated from being culturally aware and informed is enormous. We live in South Africa, the Rainbow Nation - we are surrounded by diversity and inspiration every day, so why don't we take advantage of it? South Africa would be a very dull place if we were all the same, so embrace your differences, learn more about other cultures and always celebrate them in your work.

By Caitlin Tearle
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