Time to put a stop to 'canned' design
27 August 2018
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After returning from a period in the African bushveld it became apparent to me the striking resemblance of going in search of that once in a lifetime experience and that of finding something truly unique in today's design landscape.

Such experiences are not just dished out. They require a serious amount of dedication and yes at the same time a bit of luck.

I strongly believe that in the bush your luck is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put in. The same can be said for design and I guess at the same time life.

Too often in today's design landscape do I find client's settling for a quick fix. Something that is best described as plain old 'safe'. Enough done to answer the brief from those higher in command, but not enough done to lose your job. I find this form of behaviour incredibly destructive and the beginning of the end for any brand.

This is further exacerbated by design agencies that entertain such requests and facilitate such mediocrity.

Yes, it may be easier to simply recycle ideas parked in the bottom drawer and to follow the path of least resistance, but the true thrill and half the fun in cracking that big idea or discovering that 'once in a lifetime' spot comes from the journey in finding it for yourself and taking ownership of that memorable experience.

These days, brands are desperate to own memorable experiences, as are consumers. As a design community we are responsible for ensuring that we deliver on such experiences.

If we are to avoid the growth of 'canned' design we need to put our necks out and reassure clients that as professionals we will lead them to a spot that will not only provide satisfaction, but at the same time give them something that they feel proud to own and are bursting to share.

"We yearn for the beautiful, the unknown, and the mysterious." - Issey Miyake

By Nick Schilperoort
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