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Into the non-stop world of today where life is lived at an intense pace comes a new, all-natural beverage that provides moments of welcome calm. These sparkling waters infused with high-quality CBD and adaptogens are a refreshing alternative to the current plethora of soft drinks laced with preservatives, sweeteners, chemicals and colourants. ThreeDots is available across the United Kingdom in cafés, natural food stores, coffee shops, gyms, restaurants and hotels. It is set to roll out in the USA shortly.

We were involved in every aspect of the brand launch - from name generation to identity design, from packaging to website to go-to-market strategy. The ThreeDots type is set on a calm, flowing baseline - an indication of the tranquil oasis that the drinks bring to a high frequency lifestyle. The colour palette complements the brand qualities, with the base white indicating lightness and refreshment, and the colour elements on each can reflecting the flavours. The unique illustrations relay the ThreeDots 'Pause. Balance. Focus.' mantra in a quirky way.